More than 60 feral pigs killed in north-east Victoria

By Jamie Salter

More than 60 feral pigs have been killed as part of a project aiming to reduce numbers in the Tatong, Samaria and Strathbogie areas.

Forest Fire Management Victoria's Hume invasive species planning manager David Pasztaleniec said the three-year project aimed to reduce the impact of feral pigs on public land.

“Feral pigs pose a serious threat to agriculture productivity and the environment, so this work is critical in protecting the land,” Mr Pasztaleniec said.

“We have trapped and killed 64 pigs, many of which were pregnant, to reduce the number of feral pigs on public land in state forests and national parks in the Tatong, Samaria and Strathbogie areas.

“We are also working with landowners, especially those who adjoin public land, to better understand the level of impacts the pigs are having.”

Mr Pasztaleniec said the project used remote cameras and satellite tracking to pinpoint feral pig movements.

“Feral pigs have selective feeding patterns and are omnivores, meaning they eat plants and animals,” he said.

“They trample and dig for underground parts of plants and invertebrates, which can have severe consequences on Victoria’s natural environment.

“They are also a pest for farmers, because they can carry a number of diseases which can kill livestock and their feeding behaviour can heavily degrade agricultural land.”

The project started in January 2019 and is funded through the Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning Program.

FFMVic, Agriculture Victoria, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Parks Victoria are involved in the project.

To report feral pigs in the project area, contact DELWP’s Benalla office on 5761 1611 or email