Photographer captures communities during coronavirus

By Jamie Salter

Local communities have been greatly affected by the coronavirus during the past few months — and photographer Kelsie Hore has decided to capture this historic moment in time.

Having grown up on a Leitchville dairy farm, Ms Hore began a photo series capturing farmers at their farm gate.

“With dairy farmers, they're always busy and don’t take time out to do something to benefit themselves, but I wanted to capture them as a memento of this time,” she said.

“I have run into people and they’ve said it’s so good to see a familiar face and to see how they’re doing in the photographs.”

The photographs were a huge hit, and so Ms Hore began to take photos of shop owners in front of their stores.

“I was in contact with a local business owner in Cohuna and she wanted to be able to have a photo to look back on in 10 years or so,” she said.

She said farmers’ and store owners’ routine had not changed and their resilience during this difficult time put everything into perspective.

“I certainly want to take more photos in the future and make a calendar or a book — the feedback I've gotten has blown me away,” she said.

Ms Hore said she took 14 store-front photos in one day but was waiting until it was safer to take photos once again.

“The first wave was fine and I could manage to keep my distance to take photos of farmers, but with this second wave I didn’t want to take any risks.”

To see more of Ms Hore's photos, visit the Facebook page Kelsie Hore Photography and Design.