Ag Vic Talk a new podcast for farmers

By Jamie Salter

A new podcast has been developed for Victorian farmers to share their life experiences with one another.

Ag Vic Talk will feature stories from producers around the state and cover bushfire recovery, drought and dry seasonal conditions, weather and climate.

The podcast will profile dairy farmers adapting their properties in different climates and how to use technology to manage seasonal risks.

In episode two of Ag Vic Talk, Merrigum dairy farmer Kevin Fitzsimmons discussed his techniques to manage profitability.

He said buying grain and hay brought a better return than buying water, and that he was growing less pasture due to the cost of water.

“We're trying to be as self-sufficient as we can and not being exposed to those markets where prices can just crucify you,” he said.

“Every year has been different, I guess, because our biggest inputs — obviously, our grain, hay and water.

“We look at those each year and try to manage that and see what the season is going to do.”

In the podcast, Mr Fitzsimmons shared his experience upgrading pipes and channels on his farm to eliminate seepage and save on the cost of water.

He also explained where he gathered key information and resources from, including the Bureau of Meteorology and Dairy Australia.

Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes said Victorian farmers were progressive and resilient.

“These podcasts build on those strengths by sharing practical examples of how lessons learned can be shared to make our agricultural industries stronger,” Ms Symes said.

Agriculture Victoria industry development officers will also discuss topics such as pasture recovery after fire, and how farmers can support their neighbours during challenging times.

Ag Vic Talk will be available on multiple podcasts platforms, and at: