Kaarimba dairy farmer awarded bravery medal for heroic efforts

By Liz Mellino

A Kaarimba dairy farmer was awarded a Bravery Medal on Wednesday to mark his heroic efforts in rescuing a man from a burning house in 2016.

Mark Bryant was announced as a recipient of the prestigious award, which recognises acts of bravery in hazardous circumstances, sitting just behind the Cross of Valour and the Star of Courage in terms of its significance.

In 2016 Mr Bryant pulled 93-year-old Kaarimba man Howie Marshall from his burning home.

The News reported at the time that Mr Bryant drove to his neighbour's property after being informed it was on fire.

He entered the house from the back and called out to Mr Marshall a few times before pulling him from the burning building.

Mr Marshall was transported to hospital, however he died from his injuries.

Mr Bryant was one of 15 people awarded a Bravery Medal.