Pork products lead to two visa cancellations

By Jamie Salter

A pair of Ukrainian sailors’ predilection for pork will see them punted from Perth after five kilograms of prohibited pig products were seized from their bags.

The biosecurity breaches will see them booted from Australia and likely banned from returning for three years.

One man failed to declare almost 2 kg of raw pork fat, 660 g of salami and 100 g of pork rind.

He also had 870 g of fish that hadn't been gutted, 350 g of other fish and 340 g of chicken in his luggage.

The man's fellow traveller failed to declare 2.2 kg of pork meat and fat.

The pair arrived on a flight from Singapore to Perth, where they were hoping to quarantine for two weeks before linking up with a commercial ship at Fremantle.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said the men were the 13th and 14th people to have their visas cancelled under beefed up biosecurity laws since October 2019.

“Each of the items seized could pose a direct threat to our agricultural industries and environment,” he said.

“Australia will not tolerate people putting our world-class clean, green reputation at risk by failing to declare food on arrival in Australia.”