Environmental markets more accessible

A new program has been developed for farmers who want to know more about new and emerging markets for environmental services. Photo by Megan Fisher

A new program delivered by Local Land Services and Ethical Fields aims to help land managers and farmers benefit from the environmental services they generate through sustainable land management.

Environmental services are generated from sustainable land management practices and healthy environments — creating clean air and water, nutrient rich soils, and habitat for native plants and animals, to name a few.

Creating a market for these goods and services enables land managers, farmers and communities to benefit.

Ethical Fields director Meaghan Burkett said when land managers and farmers invested in the environment, and community invested in them, everyone benefited.

“From clean air and water, to fertile soil and biodiversity, the benefits of good land stewardship can be far reaching,” Ms Burkett said.

“Many land managers already participate in carbon and biodiversity markets. Beyond participation, they could play a leading role in these markets, whilst earning a financial return for doing so.”

Local Land Services Strategy, Performance and Engagement director Claire Parkes said LLS had heard from farmers that they wanted to know more about new and emerging markets for environmental services.

“These markets present opportunities to diversify farm income but also pose risks and costs,” Ms Parkes said.

“This program will help participants understand the pros and cons, analyse the opportunities on their properties, and be better positioned to seek a good deal if they do decide to market their environmental services.”

To register for the Environmental Markets Leadership Program, or for more information, visit: