Farrer called a Liberal hold within 90 minutes of polls closing

Farrer: Sussan Ley will hold Farrer for the Liberal Party.

The seat of Farrer has been called a Liberal Party hold for Sussan Ley.

Within around 90 minutes of polls closing, Ms Ley had been deemed a comfortable winner of the southern NSW electorate.

Ms Ley is projected to claim around 68% of the overall two candidate preferred vote over the Labor Party’s Darren Cameron.

This would represent an around 2% swing away from Ms Ley in the seat, who has held Farrer since she was first elected in 2008.

This was her eighth time contesting the seat.

The Farrer electorate is the second largest electorate in NSW, covering 126,590 square kilometres.

The candidates for the seat of Farrer were Sussan Ley (Liberal), Darren Cameron (ALP), Eli Davern (Greens), Amanda Duncan-Strelec (independent), Paul Britton (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party), Ian Roworth (Liberal Democratic Party), Julie Ramos (United Australia Party) and Richard Francis (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation).