Haines retains Indi

Independent Member for Indi Helen Haines

Independent Helen Haines has retained the seat of Indi.

With 40 per cent of the vote counted Dr Haines has been declared winner with an eight per cent swing towards her the two candidate preferred race.

The current top five candidates are:

  • Helen Haines (Independent) - 40.4 per cent;
  • Ross Lyman (Liberal ) - 30.5 per cent;
  • Nadia David (Labor) - 8.7 per cent;
  • Beth Stevens (One Nations Party) - 5.6 per cent;
  • Liz Fisher (National Party) - 3.5 per cent; and
  • Benjamin Gilbert (Green) - 3.5 per cent.

Labor are currently on course to form a minority government at the very least sitting with 71 declared seats. They will need to get to 76 seats to form a majority government.