Letter to the editor

Some residents have concerns about Gannawarra Shire Council approving an outdoor rotational piggery. Photo by Kimberley Price

Public meeting to address piggery plan

Re: Outdoor rotational piggery proposal fires up Gannawarra residents, Country News, May 24.

Gannawarra Shire Council’s role in economic development is to influence appropriate investment and business development in line with council goals and facilitate an environment conducive to business and investment for economic growth.

The region’s significant natural features provide a strong foundation for nature-based tourism in which the shire has invested millions of dollars.

Industries such as energy, mining and intensive animal production (IAP), pig, poultry and animal feedlots are emerging.

This recent planning proposal has raised valid concerns in the community and questions regarding the location of IAP industries within the shire.

If this planning permit is passed, and the piggery goes ahead, a precedent is set for future expansion of outdoor rotational piggeries and other IAP developments adjacent to Gunbower Creek, other surrounding wetlands and local townships like Cohuna and Koondrook.

This piggery, if it is passed by council, is less than 3km from the township of Koondrook. Odour and dust from such a development will impact on the residents of Koondrook and surrounding farms and forest.

This could ultimately jeopardise the growth of tourism, reduce liveability of existing residents, stall residential growth and raise ethical questions with the broader community.

A proposed public meeting is to be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday, June 1 at the Koroop Public Hall.

Check the date and details with council for confirmation; phone customer service on 5450 9333.

Audrey Dickins