Multi-vendor dairy sale averages $2420

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Lot 1 achieved the top price of $2900 (as did Lot 14). She was a first lactation Friesian-cross from Arryanne Farms at Nanneella. All four Friesian cows after her sold for $2800. Photo by Daneka Hill

Conversation kept looping back to the milk price at the Autumn Dairy Sale in Shepparton on Friday, June 10.

Farmers were assured once they walked away with these cows, they’d be making money.

The pitch must have worked because the sale saw a 100 per cent clearance rate over 157 cows and averaged $2420.

Four different vendors had cattle at the sale — two of which were complete dispersal sales of autumn-calving cows.

Held at Shepparton Regional Saleyards, the event achieved a top price of $2900, achieved by both Lot 1 and Lot 14.

Northern Victoria Livestock and Real Estate livestock agent Travis Thompson said the four vendors were all “extremely happy” with the prices.

“The cattle went everywhere — to Camperdown, Wagga Wagga, Finley, Murrabit and, of course, locally too,” Mr Thompson said.

Arryanne Farms from Nanneella was dispersing its autumn-calving cows so the owners could take a couple of months’ break.

The vendor had 51 head at the sale and it was their cattle who reached the $2900 top price twice and averaged $2550.

A. and B. Pangrazio also sold off their autumn calvers to make room for a holiday, selling 37 cows to a top of $2700 to average $2550.

Oakdale Dairies from Longwarry, near Warragul, was not dispersing the herd but instead offered a run of 56 Oakdale cows to buyers - top price $2600, average $2300.

Retiring farmers C. and D. Davies from Invergordon sold 13 dry cows — the majority Aussie Red crosses who were all in-calf to a Shorthorn bull - which averaged $2000.

Friesians dominated the sale, but there was also three Brown Swiss, two Red Holsteins, seven Jersey and eight Aussie Red/Aussie Red-cross alongside a number of crossbreds. Photo by Daneka Hill