Priestly rises early to place vote

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Ballot: Rob Priestly cast his vote at St Brendan’s Primary School.

Casting his vote at St Brendan’s Primary School on Saturday, May 21, Independent candidate for Nicholls Rob Priestly deposited his ballot with a smile on his face and his family nearby.

He said the support from family and the community has been “extraordinary”, receiving his first message of support just after 5am on election day.

“The campaign has been a combination of community work and effort by hundreds of people and today's the coming together all of that effort and energy, and we'll know the result, you know, in a day or two,” Mr Priestly said.

“People have really put their lives on hold, and worked hard, put all of their time and energy and creativity into it.“

Mr Priestly was the first of the major candidates to cast his vote at the Knight St polling station.

Following a slew of opposing robocalls and letters, he said the campaign rivalry proved a chance for voters to voice their view.

“What do they want to do? Do they want to endorse those tactics? Or do they want to vote for a campaign about the issues and the opportunities for our community?” he said.

“We’ll find out which way they go.”