Revegetation videos released

The regent honeyeater is one of the species supported by revegetation works undertaken by the Bush for Birds project. Photo by contributed

Do you know what it takes for a successful revegetation project?

North East Catchment Management Authority has released a video series that just may help.

The series is part of the Bush for Birds project, a landscape-scale project that aims to help landowners create and improve habitat for the critically endangered regent honeyeater and swift parrot in north-eastern Victoria.

The series walks through the steps for a successful revegetation project, from planning, site preparation and planting, to enhancing farm dams to improve biodiversity values in your site.

Video one is the Introduction, explaining what the series is all about.

In video two, Planning, learn more about how to plan a revegetation project and get the best outcomes.

“Whether you have a large or small project, good planning is key to success,” North East CMA’s Phillip Falcke said.

“Proper planning ensures you will get the best results, and you will also save time and money.”

Video three, Fencing, discusses the importance of creating exclusion zones and wildlife-friendly fencing, and it will give you some insights on fencing options that best suit your project.

The fourth video, Site Preparation, builds a case for preparing the site, highlighting the value of adequate weed control and soil preparation.

“A well-prepared site will provide the best conditions for your revegetation effort,” Mr Falcke said.

“This means getting in and doing your weed control early and choosing the type of soil preparation that best suits your site.”

In video five, Planting, learn more about planting techniques and tips to improve seedlings’ survival.

Video six, Tree Guards, discusses guarding options and what to consider when choosing the best one to protect plants against winds, cold temperatures and grazing.

The final video of the series, Farm Dams, talks about enhanced farm dams and how they can add value to a site and revegetation project.

The video series is available at: