Voting continues late into the afternoon in Nagambie

Contrasting couple: Jacqueline is voting for the Greens and Anthony for the Liberal Party. Photo by Evan Wallace

It has been a busy voting day at the Senior Citizens Centre in Nagambie.

With the absence of a prepoll station, volunteers from all different parties confirmed that it had been “non-stop” throughout the day as voters cast their ballot.

“It was frantic early,” Nagambie Senior Citizens Club President Peter Branagan said.

“We’ve had a successful day and probably sold about 250 democracy sausages. So we’ve made our contribution.”

A small sample of voters provided The Telegraph with a mixed response on who they voted for and the issues that were more critical to them.

Sally, 58, said unemployment was the most important issue for her and that this was the first time that she had not voted for the Labor Party.

Elise, 35, was concerned about the pandemic response and had decided to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

“I think we really need to change things up and have more voice amongst the people instead of just being dominated by politicians and what they want”.

For Dylan, 28, he was wasn’t thrilled with having to vote.

“I don’ know enough about it, I don’t watch TV at all... but you have to vote,” he said.

“I went for the Shooters and Fishers, I like shooting and fishing and that sort of thing, and Labor, that’s another one I know but only from growing up.”

Helen, 80, had a challenging time choosing between Sam Birrell and Steve Brooks. Having grown up in Hungary, she never wants to “see another socialist government”.

“I think these days too many people only see what is personally good for them,” she explained.

The Nagambie local ended up choosing Sam Birrell due to her fondness for current Nicholls MP Damian Drum.

“I felt that Drum was a pretty good representative and I like to keep it that way.”

Jacqueline, 46, and Anthony, 45 were visiting the electorate and the couple had contrasting politics.

“My top issues are climate change, indigenous affairs and cost of living,” said Jacqueline.

She felt that the Greens best reflected her politics.

For Anthony, he would be voting Liberal and identified “help for business, tax reform and climate change” as his top three issues and was hoping for another term for Scott Morrison.

Voting Liberal Democrat: Elise casts her vote in Nagambie. Photo by Evan Wallace
Democracy sausages all round: Nagambie Senior Citizens Centre President Peter Branagan. Photo by Evan Wallace
The Priestly Patrol: Joanne Zampaglione is part of Rob Priestly's large contingent of volunteers in Nagambie. Photo by Evan Wallace
Team Brooks: Heather Tivendale hands out to vote cards for Steve Brooks in Nagambie. Photo by Evan Wallace
Spotted: Labor MP Danielle Green is supporting Bill Lodwick. Photo by Evan Wallace