Water management disaster

By Country News

Federal Water Minister David Littleproud, like his mates at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, is extremely reluctant to admit anything is wrong with their disastrous water management.

In their mind, denial is bliss.

However, at least Mr Littleproud is now acknowledging that changes are needed to water trading and the water market.

As everyone else has been able to see for a long time, having speculators buying and selling water for massive profit, but no intention of growing food, is not good for our nation.

I would encourage Mr Littleproud to do something that would seem right out of character, but is desperately needed.

I encourage him to act NOW to fix the anomalies.

Please don’t wait for another bureaucratic report, another sitting of parliament or another two, three or four rounds of meetings.

Do it now!

The minister keeps telling myself and fellow farmers that he cares and wants to help but he can’t make it rain.

We understand he cannot make it rain, but we also understand there are things which can be done, but we see nothing.

Water is not gold or a commodity that should be traded.

It is a vital input that helps us grow the fresh food that goes on the tables of Australian families.

If Mr Littleproud truly believes he is a leader, fixing the water market mess would be a good start to showing our farmers that he is genuine about taking steps to repair the damage by government to our businesses and communities.

He needs to get those without land out of the water market and only allow it to be traded by people who own land.

Nothing else is acceptable.

Chris Brooks


Southern Riverina Irrigators