Tired of the bedtime stories

By Country News

After reading the bedtime story by Hare and Pyle from Wakool and Berrigan, I feel some clarification is necessary ('Response mirrors water mismanagement’, Country News, January 21).

NSW operates and owns NSW irrigation, so any talks of national plans being responsible for water allocations, or the lack of them, is nonsense and very misleading.

When Hare and Pyle talk of the "world of NO WATER" and "zero allocation from dam storages that have been up to 80 per cent full", are they referring to Sydney or Canberra for their answers?

High-security water allocations are never at zero or most human activity would cease, so could they please be more specific about their industries’ problems and less about their personal ones.

We've all got ‘em!

Both democracy and ‘Joe Public’ need, want and deserve to be enlightened by facts and not continuously drawn into meaningless and hopeless depression by political spin and weasel words, wherever they come from.

This water problem is a classic case of ‘over allocation’, which should be called ‘too many entitlements’ to give it some accuracy and meaning.

Perhaps Hare and Pyle could inform us all of the total amount of gigalitres of southern NSW low-security entitlements that exist today, and are there too many?

This would be a very significant number when considering the people versus the planet and its suicidal consequences.

Tim Price