Letter to the editor: Water registry objection questioned

By Rodney Woods

By Andrew Hateley, Finley

It is interesting to note the NSW Irrigators’ Council’s objection to the establishment of a national water ownership registry.

A registry was agreed to in the National Water Initiative in 2004 and then embedded in the 2007 Water Act, in fact all parties of the intergovernmental agreement agreed to achieve these publicly accessible registries across all states in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Is it any wonder that organisations in the southern connected system are leaving the council in droves?

Can the CEO or chair of the NSW Irrigators’ Council please point out how you have effectively advocated for NSW Murray issues?

I don’t think you have done this.

Instead, I believe you have worked against those who are volunteering their time to try and bring balance to the diverse food and fibre production region that has become the sacrificial lamb for the top and bottom end, which you seem to be protecting.