Barham’s Ron McWhae calls on MDBA to do its job

By Rodney Woods

By Ron McWhae, Barham

It was great to see Andrew Reynolds, the MDBA’s (Murray-Darling Basin Authority) executive director of river management acknowledging what is commonly understood by those living the reality of poor water management: “Water is scarce and as river managers we need to store as much as we can for future use”.

Strangely enough so did our forefathers, who had the vision of drought-proofing our nation through the construction of the Snowy Hydro Scheme, Hume and Dartmouth dams, and the gravity-fed irrigation systems which rely on stored water for the production of food.

The delivery of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is based on sending stored water out to sea or evaporating it into the Lower Lakes; the end of the system and the Southern Ocean (Antarctic Ocean) seem strange places to store water for future use.

The wastage of water over the last two years through the flawed assumptions of the basin plan is embarrassing for a first world country.

It is time the MDBA did its job — be independent and do what is right for the entire basin, call out the problems and work to fix them, not just accept the failings and plough ahead accepting collateral damage along the way.