Farmers need water to reduce risk of worldwide famine

By Country News

Today (April 22) on the ABC TV news there was a message on the screen saying that the United Nations predicts that there will be a famine post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our farmers in the Murray-Darling system can produce food to help counteract this prediction – if they have water.

The government has done many things quickly since the start of the pandemic, so why don’t they also stop mucking around and release water to the farmers?

Stop sending water to Lake Alexandrina and ultimately out to sea.

Certainly this will change the ecology in that area for a while but in times of drought over the years the Murray has dried up temporarily — so nothing new.

It will mean that some farmers in that area will be disadvantaged, but we are trying to look at the greater good of Australia and the world.

The saved water would be used by the Murray-Darling irrigators and food producers.

The government has promised massive amounts of money to assist people who may be on reduced work hours or have lost jobs.

I implore the government(s) to show leadership and release the water NOW and stop pointing the finger at each other saying that it is not their responsibility.

Our farmers need it NOW and this will not cost much compared to the other methods that are being implemented in this virus pandemic to keep our economy functioning.

The release of water will keep our country from needing to import some foodstuffs and assist with minimising the effect of a famine worldwide.

Rodney Champness