Southern basin farmers have plan for water running out to sea

By Country News

With concern growing over Australia’s mounting debt of $320 billion mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers in the southern basin have come up with an innovative plan to address both Australia’s mounting debt and food security issues.

The farmers have devised a plan to use the 400 Gl of water presently running out to sea, which is our most valuable asset in these drought times.

Use of this water would produce 480 000 tonnes of rice or 800 000 tonnes of wheat or 908 000 tonnes of barley or 1.1848 billion litres of milk or 13.2 million kilograms of lamb and 2.4 million kilograms of wool combined, or 80 million kilograms of beef or six million tonnes of tomatoes.

In reality the water could help produce a combination of all these staple foods.

It was criminal to see the wastage of such a large volume of water in drought times which could be turned into tonnes of available food for our population.

This would never happen in Africa or the Middle East where every drop of water was precious and food security was sacred.

Our plan would help put Australian food back on our supermarket shelves.

Australia really needs to address its debt caused by drought, bushfires, lack of water allocation and now the coronavirus.

With the amount of food that could be produced from this water, we could start to rein in the debt caused by the coronavirus through export earnings, giving a massive boost to our economy and the nation’s gross domestic product.

With Australia’s debt rapidly increasing on a daily basis the refreshing clear-headed farming initiative is certainly what this nation needs at this time.

Dudley Bryant

NVIC chair

Lindsay Schultz

NVIC member