G-MW’s landmark pricing submission endorsed

By Country News

By Charmaine Quick,

Goulburn-Murray Water managing director

I am thrilled to write as part of my monthly opinion piece that the Essential Services Commission has now endorsed Goulburn-Murray Water’s Pricing Submission 2020-24.

This final determination by the ESC on our submission establishes G-MW’s service standards and revenue requirements over the next four years.

Importantly, the ESC’s decision confirms G-MW’s proposal for a landmark reduction in our revenue requirements, enabling the organisation to reduce costs and roll-out valuable changes to its tariff structure.

This outcome is the final piece in the puzzle for our pricing submission. We are entering a new era and delivering a fairer deal for our customers.

During the next pricing period (from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2024) most G-MW customers will receive, on average, a 10 per cent drop on their bills.

From July 1, customers can expect:

● Uniform pricing for gravity irrigation customers.

● A drop in the Infrastructure Access Fee and Infrastructure Use Fee for gravity irrigation customers.

● A move to system pricing for all water share owners.

● Service point fees simplified and made equitable across all customer groups.

These changes follow the Strategic Advisory Panel Review announced by Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville in 2017, and the subsequent transformation process to make G-MW’s operations more efficient and sustainable.

This work is now helping us to deliver these price reductions for our customers and we will continue working to provide sustainable and affordable services to the region.

When I started at G-MW in early 2019, my priority from day one was transforming the business.

Since then, so much has been achieved by our people, our board and our customers working together.

We have implemented a new structure to deliver our strategic outcomes for customers.

The result has been a reduction in our size; but we’ve added the skills we needed to transform G-MW with a focus on customer-centric outputs in all that we do.