Too many friends, not enough wives

By Country News

By Jacko, son of Col Curmudgeon

Making new friends can be dangerous.

Especially when you are on Farmer Wants a Wife and the object is to create five matches out of 40 contenders.

As the Channel 7 series goes on, something mysterious is developing.

When it comes to drafting out the flighty fillies, the boys are having a tough time, and each night when the program demands that heads will roll, they can’t quite shut the gate, and there’s a big letdown for anyone wanting to see some angst and general hair-pulling.

The problem is, the boys keep telling the girls they are “all beautiful”.

Barbed-wire sitter Neil is refusing to send anyone home and Nick admits to being too confused to let anyone go.

Sensing a stalemate, the impatient girls ganged up on Alex and started pushing him into a corner of the yard.

It seems as though more girls have decided to leave out of frustration, than have actually been sent home.

Nick let his well-manicured guard now for a second when he blurted out: “How would your skill set work in my business?”

Henrietta, 30, (is that a clock ticking?) looked like she had a good thing going with Alex, but, at the risk of upsetting the apple cart, kept pushing Alex for a decision.

Harry took a deep breath and sent Riley home, but poor Sam, even after he admitted he didn’t like one, and another told him she didn’t like him, still couldn’t send anyone home.

Yes, the horrible truth is emerging.

The producers may have actually, accidentally, chosen a group of good blokes who don’t have the heart to send anyone home.

Strewth, what about the ratings!?

Some startling quotes:

“Less girls would be better.”

“You have a fair idea who you are going to choose, so why are you keeping us around?”

“I just want to have fun with you girls for as long as possible.”

“You can’t mess about with people’s emotions.”