McCormack doesn't speak for farming future

Nationals Leader Michael McCormack suggested that agriculture could be excluded from our national 2050 net zero emissions target, declaring that he is “not worried about what might happen in 30 years’ time”.


He sums up the Nationals’ bubble, and ignores the science that informs our very future.

It seems Mr McCormack’s missed all of the 2030 emissions targets that the various agricultural sectors have been making and the National Farmers’ Federation’s 2050 economy-wide target.

Australian agriculture — and the economy more broadly — stands to benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We know we can’t afford the price of inaction — we have our children to answer for.

Farmers for Climate Action supports a net zero emissions by 2030 target for agriculture and is already well on the way.

And regenerative farmers are demonstrating a different farming path.

I stand with them.

This is a time for honesty, for responsibility and ambition. Mr McCormack’s Nationals are everything but.

He doesn’t speak for a future in farming at all.

Peter Lockyer