Letter to the editor

Cast aside the climate change lie

In relation to the article ‘Climate change hot topic’ (Country News, June 28) it seems that the farmer who doesn’t want his grandsons going into farming has been led along by climate activists that are telling him that it is a high certainty that it will get hotter.

He is telling farmers that CO2 is a pollutant when in fact CO2 together with the sun’s warmth and water provide the elements required for all human, animal and plant life on planet Earth. Without any one of those elements there would be no life of any description on the planet.

CO2 plays absolutely no part in warming the planet. There has been no warming over the last 15 to 20 years and now science shows us that we are entering a period of a Maunder Minimum. This is a period of lesser sunspot activity, leading to a cooling, starting in 2020 and supposedly warming again in 2054.

The climate change models as presented to you, that’s all they are, models devised by activists, not by scientists.

You are also asked to reduce the amount of methane that your animals emit, but you are not told of the amount of methane that is released from gut bacteria in termites in inland Australia.

This is the termite centre of the world and we take a big global hit for the amount of methane released from these termites, and what of the human population, with their methane emissions?

Climate change is not a scientific or environmental issue, it is a political movement.

This green activist movement is the worst thing that has happened to the environment in Australia over the last 50 years, and has driven total mismanagement of water, drought and bushfires.

I believe that farming in Australia is now entering a prosperous period.

We should be pulling out all stops to produce as much reasonably priced food at a fair price for the producer for exporting to hungry nations and casting this climate change lie to one side.

Donald Douglas, Caldwell