Letters to the editor

Change happens

CLANGERS (CLimate chANGERS) like Malcolm Taylor make me laugh the way they ignore the lengthy history of the planet, preferring to just cherry pick at the previous 50 years.

How many of the Earth's previous ice ages ended due to mankind's interference?


The planet warmed naturally, because that's what it does, it warms and cools!

Phil Minns, Corop

Think big at the ballot box

Dear Mallee voters, this election, don’t fall for the bribes that a desperate Scott Morrison is throwing about with reckless abandon.

If your vote is driven entirely by self-interest and all you are thinking about is more money in your pocket, your wonderful country, Australia, will go down the gurgler.

This election, vote to achieve a better, fairer society for low-wage earners. For the frail elderly. For the homeless. The refugees. The dispossessed. The chronically ill. The disabled. For all those at the bottom of the heap.

Throw out the unworthy, do-nothing Coalition Government and put Anne Webster last.

Janet Field, Swan Hill

Major party blues

An important decision is facing Murray Valley voters.

Do I support the political party which I and my parents have supported for generations? The conservative parties have deserted us, so we need to desert them.

We urge voters to make the seats of Mallee, Nicholls and Farrer marginal — we have been totally ignored for too long.

In Farrer, our local member has been in parliament for the duration of the water debacle and has not raised a finger in dissent. She must bear responsibility for the outcome we have had to endure. Please don’t give her your vote.

We urge voters along the Murray Valley to put the major parties in the last three places, with the independents and minor parties ahead of them in the order that you decide.

Clive Palmer is the only one that talks about repaying our enormous government debt, the Liberal Democrats have really good policies as has One Nation, who are also very knowledgeable and supportive on water issues.

In Mallee, we believe (independent) Sophie Baldwin to be an excellent candidate.

Voters may say “we need to support a conservative candidate”, but it didn’t do us any good in the 2019 election.

Vote for self-interest, somebody who will support their electorate and not the political machine.

Ron and Val McWhae, Barham