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Shepparton, AU
June 23, 2024
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The General

A retriever's view of life and the world, from the river gums of the Goulburn River. I'm The Boss's Dog, a Chessie, whatever that is. The Boss says its a cross between a labrador and a doormat. I like eating, chasing balls, annoying my Mum, Queenie, and eating. I don't like dog training sessions or listening to the Boss's ramblings. All I really want to do is have fun - and eat. This is the first time I've had a blog - it's a dog's blog. The world needs a dog's blog: humans get mixed up about what matters and a dog like me can sort it out. So, I'll be telling you a bit about the smells, tastes and sounds of my world on the river - and about the wider world and what The Boss is thinking about that. I can read his simple mind. Woof.