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Homage paid to country kids

By Country News

Melbourne artist Cam Scale finished the Scott’s Park water tower mural at Deniliquin on July 19, and his work has been drawing the attention of locals and tourists.

The artist took 17 days to paint an incredible mural of a galaxy, campfire and kookaburras in bright colours on the corner of Whitelock and Russell Sts, a legacy that towers above the surrounding streets.

The 35-year-old mural painter and fine artist from Melbourne said his concept focused on nature, which was a design brief from Edward River Council.

‘‘I wanted to capture the fun of life as kids in the country, being around the campfire with friends,’’ Mr Scale said.

‘‘I wanted to bring the night sky into view emphasising how clear it is to see the stars out there.

‘‘This idea of space also connects to the rocket in the playground where kids can imagine themselves as space travellers.

‘‘I tried to stay away from the cliche of kids climbing trees, and bring a more interesting composition.

‘‘As the sky curves around the tower, the dark colours blend into lighter greens and yellows suggesting morning has come with a kookaburra in a gum tree perched ready for the day.’’