Mild conditions deliver small lift in final seasonal determinations

By Rodney Woods

The final seasonal determinations for 2019-20 have been released, with the bigger systems recording small increases and the smaller systems remaining stagnant.

As of April 1, the Murray system increased from 65 per cent of high-reliability water shares to 66 per cent HRWS, and the Goulburn and Loddon systems increased from 78 per cent HRWS to 80 per cent HRWS.

The Broken system remained on two per cent HRWS and the Campaspe system also stayed on 80 per cent HRWS.

The Bullarook system remained on 100 per cent HRWS and 100 per cent of low-reliability water shares, as it has done for most of the season.

Northern Victorian resource manager Mark Bailey said there were some small resource improvements due to mild weather conditions over the past fortnight.

“Flows into the major storages since the last update were higher than our estimates, and evaporation and river losses were lower with the mild temperatures,” Dr Bailey said.

“This enabled the increases in the Murray, Goulburn and Loddon systems announced today (April 1).

“The small improvements in the Broken and Campaspe systems were not enough to change the seasonal determinations for those systems.”