NSW Murray irrigators get general security allocation increase

By Rodney Woods

NSW Murray irrigators are starting spring on the right note with a four per cent increase to their general security water entitlements.

The announcement made on September 1 brings the total allocation for the year to 12 per cent and the irrigators will also have an average general security carryover of 21 per cent.

It means NSW Murray general security water availability has reached 33 per cent of entitlement.

The NSW Murray resource has improved by about 70,000 Ml since the last assessment, with rainfall in August tracking near average for headwater catchments.

Another increase is expected when the next announcement is made on September 15.

South of the border and Victorian irrigators also saw increases in all systems.

The Murray system moved from 24 per cent of high-reliability water shares to 32 per cent HRWS, while the Goulburn and Loddon systems increased from 40 per cent HRWS to 47 per cent HRWS.

The Campaspe system moves from 45 per cent HRWS to 68 per cent HRWS and the Broken system, which spent most of last year without an allocation, has increased from 39 per cent HRWS to 63 per cent HRWS.

Seasonal determinations in the Bullarook system increased from 19 per cent HRWS to 100 per cent HRWS.

This system also recorded 100 per cent of low-reliability water shares.

Northern Victoria resource manager Mark Bailey said resources improved following rain over the last fortnight.

"Flows into the major storages in all systems increased after the rain, which enabled the seasonal determinations to rise, particularly in the Broken, Campaspe and Bullarook systems,” Dr Bailey said.

Dr Bailey said the latest Bureau of Meteorology seasonal outlook favours above-average rainfall across the catchment areas for the three month period from September to November.