New partnership to secure Murray-Darling Basin resources

By Jamie Salter

A new partnership between the Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation and the proposed ONE Basin CRC (co-operative research centre) will combine knowledge to tackle Murray-Darling Basin challenges.

RAMJO is a body comprised of 11 NSW local government councils in the southern basin.

The proposed ONE Basin CRC would be part of an annual government investment, with the not-for-profit company aiming to secure $100 million over a 10-year term.

If successful, ONE Basin will be governed by an independent board in collaboration with universities, government agencies and water bodies involved with the MDB.

ONE Basin aims to work with community leaders, agricultural specialists and water researchers to develop policy and financial solutions to tackle climate, water and environmental threats to the basin.

By 2030, ONE Basin plans to provide agribusinesses with information to better prepare for climate risks, as well as secure new sources of water across the basin.

ONE Basin’s interim chief executive officer professor Michael Stewardson welcomed RAMJO to the team.

“We are pleased to welcome RAMJO as a tier three partner in our bid to establish a CRC and regional innovation hubs,” Mr Stewardson said.

“RAMJO has the ability to link our programs directly to community and industry stakeholders across an expansive area and we are looking forward to their contribution.”

RAMJO’s water sub-committee chair Chris Bilkey said both groups had a desire for practical action to improve water security in the basin.

“Both our groups are working with the agricultural industry on issues like water trading and better farm water management practices,” Mr Bilkey said.

“Finding ways to improve agricultural productivity through diversification, innovation and reduced reliance on water-thirsty crops is a high priority issue for both ONE Basin and ourselves.”

● To read about ONE Basin CRC and its objectives visit: https://onebasin.com.au