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A loyal and loving companion

By Country News

Kyabram’s Matt Hangan always has his dog Betty by his side and he would not have it any other way. Matt has owned the fouryear-old border-collie since she was a pup and Betty loves the water. She enjoys the attention and company of any person she comes in contact with but is as loyal to her owner as any dog that has featured in this page.

How did Betty get her name?

I lived with a bloke who had a dog named Betty and I loved her. So when I got one I thought I’d call it Betty.

What is her personality like?

She’s like a person. One day she went to the local pool and swam with the kids that were there. She thinks she’s a person, so she has to hang out with everyone. She’s a real people person — has to get a pat off everyone. She’s very smart and very loyal.

So she likes water then?

She loves water. I had to keep her out of the dam so she’d stay clean. She’s a water dog — summer or winter.

Has she ever had any injuries?

One day she tried to sniff the bait on the hook when I was fishing and ended up with a fish hook in her nose. She had a nose ring for half a day until I could get it out.

Does she like travelling?

She goes everywhere with me. She goes fishing, she goes camping, she always goes up in the hills four-wheel driving with me, she goes with me in the boat. Anywhere I go, she goes with me.

Where does she sleep?

She sleeps on the couch or a chair on the outdoor setting. She refuses to sleep in a kennel.

What does she eat?

Whatever I’m eating she tends to get some and Kibble dog food.

How is she with other animals?

She is real good. I’ll walk her down the street with no lead on and she never has a go at other dogs.

Does she have any bad habits?

She’s not a bad dog. She doesn’t chew or anything. She just wants to be with you.

What would you do without her?

Not a lot. There’s not much I could do without her. There’d be a fairly big gap in my life (if she was not here).

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Rodney Woods