Working Dogs

Tim’s a sweetie who rules the roost

By Jamie Salter

Eight-year-old cavoodle Tim rules the roost at a 12 ha hobby farm outside Echuca. He spends his time chasing chickens and following his owner Josh Wilson wherever he goes. Tim lives a double life away from the farm, helping Mr Wilson sell properties at Century 21.

How did you get Tim?

My wife Lauren bought him, she used to work for the lady that bred him in Castlemaine. Tim was on the scene before I was.

How did Tim get his name?

Lauren named Tim after the country music singer Tim McGraw, and we also have cat named Toni— they’re best mates.

What is Tim’s personality like?

He’s super energetic and at the same time he’s super lazy, he likes going for walks and barking at hares but spends a lot of time laying by the fireplace doing nothing.

Does he get along with other people?

He’s super friendly and not scared of anyone, he gets along with kids easy. He gets really needy when we’re around our niece who’s one year old, which is cute in a pathetic kind of way, but he’ll sit there and let her pull his ears.

Does he have any funny habits?

He learnt this habit where if you’ve got food, he’ll nudge you in the leg for it with his nose and if you ignore him, he’ll keep doing it.

We have a dog door to let him in the house but if we ever give him a bone, he’ll bring it inside and bury it in the bed sheets, so we have to be vigilant.

Is he a spoilt dog?

Ridiculously so, he sleeps on the end of our bed and he eats cooked food. Nothing too crazy, just a dog food mix but if you were really hungry ... you’d probably eat it.

Do you spend a lot of time together?

He comes with me everywhere, he’ll ride around the farm on the quad bike with me, he’s like a little sidekick.

What would you do without him?

I have no idea, we would both be absolutely devastated without him, he’s our little bit of happiness when we come home from work.