Farmer Power cools the pressure on Bridget McKenzie for now

By Rodney Woods

Farmer lobby group Farmer Power is giving Federal Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie "the benefit of the doubt" over issues the group had with the mandatory dairy code of conduct, after meeting with the minister recently.

The group's chief executive officer Garry Kerr, with the backing of the group's board, called for Senator McKenzie's resignation after she conceded that the wording in the code had changed in regards to retrospective price drops.

“I called for it (Senator McKenzie to resign) personally, originally, and since then the board has agreed with me,” he said.

But after meeting with Senator McKenzie, Mr Kerr said the board was hopeful their concerns would be looked at.

The group's Facebook page said the meeting could be positive depending on whether Senator McKenzie follows through by not including the phrase "beyond reasonable control" in the code and after she said there would be no clawbacks.

“At the minute we are giving her the benefit of the doubt because the meeting gave us cause to give her a chance to see if she delivers.

“And if she doesn’t follow through, then I will call for it (her resignation) again.”