Challenge to do better

By Geoff Adams

Australian War Memorial director Brendan Nelson says too many Australians take the dairy industry for granted.

‘‘Every single day almost every Australian consumes your product; milk and milk-based products,’’ Dr Nelson told the Australian Dairy Conference in Canberra last week.

‘‘It’s not quite like oxygen, but it’s up there.’’

Dr Nelson said he had noticed with amazement that milk could sell for a $1/litre, while bottled water could sell for more than $4/litre.

‘‘Your challenge, and the challenge and responsibility of your leadership, is to prod Australians to ask: why this should be so.’’

Dr Nelson told the conference leadership was not something that could be taught, but it can be learned.

‘‘Leadership is about the story.’’

The former Federal Liberal leader said he had learned four things from his Jesuit education.

‘‘A life of success would be built on four things: the first is commitment. You have to consistently apply yourself to those things in which you believed.

‘‘The second is conscience. What is the right thing to do?

‘‘The third, they said, is compassion, to share another’s pain.

‘‘The fourth is courage. Nothing of value in life is achieved without taking a risk.’’