Lamb prices go through the roof

By Country News

Lamb prices continue to be on the rise, with ‘‘unbelievable’’ prices seen at the Bendigo saleyards last week.

A strong market saw record prices of $260/head for supplementary-fed Merino lambs and $250/head for wethers registered at the May 20 sale, with positivity continuing to drive up prices last Monday.

‘‘The market for quality processor lambs was exceptional this week, with agents, farmers and even buyers themselves describing prices as ‘unbelievable’ and the dearest they had ever seen,’’ according to the May 27 market report.

On a dollar per head basis, the bulk of the lambs sold above $200/head, with the few pens of extra-heavy export lambs sold from $278 to $299/head.

The main run of heavy crossbred lambs in the 26-30kg cwt category sold from $256 to $293 to average close to $275/head, at an estimated 960¢/kg cwt.