Quick turnaround for channel upgrades

By Country News

About 500m of channel has been decommissioned and a number of Rochester irrigators connected to a 500m gravity pipeline, all within 10 days.

Carried out by Goulburn-Murray Water, the in-season works were completed with specialised trenching equipment and allowed affected landowners to continue normal irrigation.

Welded on-site, the pipeline was dropped into the new trench while the existing channel was decommissioned.

On one property two Dethridge wheels were rationalised, while a third was replaced with a 600mm slip meter.

A neighbouring landowner upgraded a Dethridge wheel to a 450mm closed conduit flow meter relocated to the backbone channel, while a section of spur channel was privatised.

Connections project direct Frank Fissler said the quick turnaround was a result of careful planning.

He said he expects the Connections project to deliver 429Gl of water savings by 2020.

‘‘Drawing on expertise and initiative from all parties we can meet a shared goal to upgrade the system in-season and ensure irrigation is not interrupted,’’ he said.