Working Dogs

Always ready for his close-up

By Country News

Can you tell us Jake’s back story?

As a puppy he was scared of sheep, so the farmer was going to get rid of him. I got him when he was five-months-old and he didn’t have a name. Considering the life he came from, he’s living the high life now.

What’s his personality like?

He has a very big personality. He wants to be friends with everyone. We can’t do a full loop of our lunchtime walk because he wants everyone to pat him. He’s a real attention seeker.

How much does Jake mean to you?

He means the world to me. I suffered anxiety but since I got him I haven’t suffered it because I’m always doing stuff with him.

I hear he is dominating agility school?

He’s been doing all the tunnels at agility training but now he’s one (year old) he can do jumps. He will be good at it because he’s so crazy. It gives him a purpose, something to do. I’ll definitely take him to agility shows.

How did you find training him?

It was pretty difficult to train him because he didn’t have a name.

Where does Jake sleep?

He’s meant to sleep outside but he sleeps in my bed.

How much time do you spend with him?

His with me 24/7. He’s at work with me without fail and every weekend I have off we go somewhere.

I hear he has an Instagram page?

Everyone’s got an Instagram page for their dogs these days. His handle is jake—koolie. Every time we go somewhere we’ll take a picture. He’ll decide where to sit. Anything he can physically jump on, he’ll jump on. He definitely knows the drill of taking photos.

What’s his worst habit?

Digging — that’s his worst habit. He’s a rat when it comes to digging.

Does he have any obsessions?

He loves balls and all kinds of toys. He has his own toy subscription — a box of toys every month. At Christmas, he gets presents and opens them himself.