Working Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes

By Madeleine Byron

What breeds are the four dogs?

Sue is a staghound cross, Dude is a bull Arab cross and Tonnie and Chester are both Jack Russells.

What are their personalities like?

People say Dude and Sue are a lot like me, they’re pretty laid back, but Sue is pretty lazy and can be disobedient at times. The two smaller ones can get pretty crazy at times but they’re all pretty good dogs.

How old are they and how long have you had them?

Sue is four, Dude is six, Tonnie is three and young Chester is only 12 weeks old. We actually brought him home last week with intention to breed with him and hunt foxes.

Do they have any funny habits?

Dude used to sleep on top of his kennel. He still would only he dented it that much that the tin collapsed underneath him, so now he sleeps in his kennel like a normal dog.

Dude and Sue weren’t very good with the cattle to start off with either, so they have greatly improved. They also both love the motorbike — they jump on and come with us into the paddocks.

What’s the worst thing the dogs have done?

Again the big dogs, jumped off the back of the ute when we were going up to Moree and took off into the hills. We had to unload the bikes and go and find them. We thought we were doing the right thing and stopped to let them off for a bit of a run and they just took off.

Have any of the dogs had an accident?

It wasn’t funny when the big dogs crushed Tonnie’s back left leg. She was outside playing with the big dogs and she must have got in the way because there was a big yelp and it ended up she had fractured her leg.

We had to bandage it for several weeks and keep her calm and encourage her not to run on it, which you can imagine was hard for a little crazy dog.