Farmer Wants A Wife 2022 will flip the script

Wild about Harry: Harry Lloyd from Kyabram. Country News made a few calls around town to see what locals thought of Harry: ‘friendly, conscientious and a gorgeous head of curls’ were the main descriptors. He is currently vice-president of Kyabram Agriculture Society. Photo by Channel Seven

Holy moly. If you got sick of Country News talking about farmer Will (aka the Longwood scoundrel) on Farmer Wants A Wife last year, then buckle up for 2022 because there will be not one, but THREE locals blokes on the show.

On Thursday, November 4, Channel Seven revealed its next six farmers looking for love.

One is a dairy farmer from Kyabram, another is a Benalla sheep farmer and the third is a broadacre cropper from out behind Swan Hill — you couldn’t get more stereotypical if you tried. What’s next? An Ardmona orchardist? A Nagambie vineyard manager?

Gift of the gab: James from Tarnook, outside Benalla. He has a dog called Chief and has been the MC almost half the weddings he’s ever been to. Photo by Channel Seven

The news hit our office like a bombshell but across the nation no-one else seemed to care. All they were talking about was some chick called Paige.

Paige, dear readers, is a farmer wanting a husband. So she’s joined the blokes on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Looking for love: Farmer Paige, NSW. She’s the first female farmer to feature on the show’s line-up. Paige likes going to rodeos, grew up as a city girl and works in ag. She’s looking for a decent bloke in his late 20s to early 30s (which is literally all the other farmers on the show’s line-up). Photo by Channel Seven

The heart positively pounds thinking of all the possibilities. She’ll be getting her own squad of guys, of course. Will she also teach them how to drive a tractor and make them do fencing jobs? Is this an ingenious way to fix the worker shortage? I imagine she’ll sieve through the offerings, pick five of the most competent lads and take them home where they’ll get to enjoy weeks of unpaid labour.

Application are now open to those looking to meet the blokes and Paige. Tread lightly though, because we absolutely will try to do a story on your dogs.