New system for dairy food safety

By Geoff Adams

A new digital regulatory system will boost efficiency and food safety standards in the Victorian dairy industry, while helping to strengthen global competitiveness in the sector.

It was launched as the Dairy RegTech 2022 model at Dairy Food Safety Victoria’s annual general meeting, with a $500,000 investment from the Victorian Government to pilot the program, which reduces the regulatory burden for dairy licensees and supports dairy education initiatives.

The pioneering model uses digital data collection and analytics to monitor the food safety performance of dairy businesses and has been designed in collaboration with the Victorian dairy industry to ensure global best practice in dairy regulation.

Anyone involved in the production of dairy products in Victoria is required to have a licence and comply with specific conditions. For many licensees, this involves an audit process which focuses on reviewing paper records.

The new digital model will support a proactive approach to meeting regulatory requirements and will include education and incentives to promote a positive food safety culture.

Dairy Food Safety Victoria is currently working with manufacturers and will kick-off the new model with the farming sector from next year.