Promoting horse industry careers

By Geoff Adams

A new program called HICCUP — Horse Industry Career Choices 4U & Parents — is being launched to increase awareness about the wide range of career pathways and professional opportunities in the horse industry.

“The Australian horse industry contributes over $8 billion to the national economy per annum; it is a niche but vibrant marketplace,”  program founder Vanessa Hawkins said.

"Due to the diversity of its sectors, the industry as a whole is often misunderstood, and its full potential as a workplace is often not recognised."

The HICCUP program presents more than 160 different career opportunities in the Australian horse industry, in 16 different sectors.

“We would like teachers, parents and school students to understand that the careers in each sector contribute to our society in areas such as animal health, art, business services, construction, digital technologies, education, entertainment, fashion, international trade, human health, manufacturing, retail, rural practices, pharmaceuticals, sport, recreation and tourism,” Ms Hawkins said.

Euroa Horse Park has partnered with the Australian Centre for Career Education to conduct Industry Immersion Experience Days about careers in the horse industry on August 16 at Tatura Park, August 30 at JurAvon Park in Melton and September 9 at Oakwood Riding School in Clyde North.

Ms Hawkins said students from selected schools were invited to attend these days so they could realise the potential for developing a future that utilises their creativity, interests and skills to service this massive industry.

An evening session will be held for the general public to attend after each day.

The HICCUP program aims to inspire those searching for ideas and solutions with future career decisions and to help overcome some of the associated 'hiccups'.

For more information, phone Vanessa Hawkins on 0417 363 710, email: info@horseindustrycareers.com or visit: www.horseindustrycareers.com