Factory workers become snake catchers

By Country News

Stanhope's Fonterra cheese factory staff were given a new job last week, as snake catchers.

'Snakeman’ Raymond Hoser, from Melbourne, instructed nine staff members on how to catch, handle and relocate deadly eastern brown snakes safely, after a series of brown snake sightings near the factory.

Mr Hoser updated new staff members on the proper protocol when handling snakes, after teaching at the factory four years prior.

He said if people in rural areas see a snake, they should avoid them.

“If you see one, give it a wide berth and let it run away, they always will,” Mr Hoser said.

“If a snake is loitering and you need it gone, then call a professional snake catcher — let them take the risk instead.”

The most common snakes in country Victoria are brown, black, tiger and copperhead, which only bite once attacked.

“To keep snakes away from your home or business, remove ground cover like sheets of tin,” Mr Hoser said.

“If bitten, immediately bandage the limb tightly and go straight to hospital.”

Mr Hoser said bandaging the bite and immediately visiting the hospital would drastically increase the chances of survival.

He has 50 years of experience as a snake catcher and has also trained Greater Shepparton City Council staff.