Friendly dogs part of the family

By Rodney Woods

Those in the equestrian game will know Dhurringile's Sue and Duncan Terry well, but here at the Country News we believe it's their five jack russell-fox terrier crosses that deserve equal recognition. The oldest dog is now aged 22, but it was only last year that he helped produce a litter of pups.

What are their names and how old are they?

Sue: Zac is 22, Gizmo is 12, Josie is nine, Dot is four and Bernie is two.

I hear they are all related. Can you explain how?

Sue: Josie is the daughter of Gizmo and Zac, Bernie is the son of Zac and Dot is the granddaughter of Gizmo.

How many pups has Zac fathered?

Sue: Zac's had 79 pups. He was 21 when he had his last litter. He's had five, at most, in one litter.

How do they get along?

Sue: They are very much a family. They feel it when one of them is at the vet - the dynamics are quite different.

What are their personalities like?

Sue: Josie is quite sensitive.

Duncan: Gizmo is more of an outdoors dog. He loves the tractor.

Sue: Dot is really my pup. She's extremely goey on the cows. She's got the most guts.

Sue: Bernie is one of the kindest, nicest pups we've ever had.

Do they have any funny habits?

Sue: They all open doors by running into them and they are besotted with anything they can chase.

What's the best or worst thing they've done?

Duncan: The best thing is they're so friendly. The worst thing is the little mistakes they do inside from time to time.

What would you do without them?

Sue: We wouldn't exist. It would be like losing a family member.