Journey back in time to Benalla

By Country News

Benalla is a rural city about 63 km south-east of Shepparton and 180 km north-east of Melbourne, on Hume Fwy.

Early settlement of Benalla from the 1850s to 1870s saw agricultural production grow.

To the north of Benalla, the cropping of wheat and oats, and the farming of sheep were so profitable that small townships were soon developed to cater for the farming community.

Several flour mills were established in Benalla, and wheat transport developed with the arrival of rail in 1873.

The southern areas of Benalla were well suited to dairy farming and cattle production. These areas became farming districts, each with a creamery or butter factory to service the many small dairy farms.

With the clearing of the land, timber mills were established and the timber was transported to Melbourne by rail.

The Benalla Historical Society operates the Benalla Costume and Kelly Museum, located at 14 Mair St, Benalla. To contact Benalla Historical Society, phone 5762 1749.