Push for national allergy register

By Jamie Salter

A national register should be set up to list allergy-related medical episodes or deaths, a federal parliamentary committee has recommended.

The committee also wants the government to establish a national allergies body to direct research and oversee how allergies are managed nationwide.

Liberal MP and committee chair Trent Zimmerman said with estimates that one in five Australians had allergies, the country was being dubbed the "allergy capital of the world".

“It's not a title any nation would aspire to,” Mr Zimmerman told Federal Parliament on June 15.

Mr Zimmerman said the inquiry had heard from Australians who lived in constant fear because of their allergies.

The bipartisan report included multiple recommendations to address research funding, epipen shortages and food labelling.

Work was also needed on the overdiagnosis of drug allergies, with patients facing hurdles when it came to medical treatment because of misdiagnosis, the report said.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the report would be read with great interest.

“I think this is an immensely important contribution done on a bipartisan basis,” Mr Hunt said.

Labor MP and paediatrician Michael Freelander said his grandchild's own severe allergies had made him aware of how difficult allergies were to live with.

“This is an issue we'll continue to fight for,” Mr Freelander said.