Cruelty charges at Benalla

The Benalla man appeared at the Shepparton Magistrates Court on June 10 to defend the charges. Photo by Rodney Braithwaite

A Benalla dog breeder has been found guilty of four animal cruelty charges relating to puppies he bred and sold.

Wayne Teichert pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Bernard Fitzgerald ruled, in the Shepparton Magistrates Court on Friday, June 10, that Mr Teichert had failed to provide proper and sufficient nutrition to the puppies in question.

Mr Teichert told the court he did not believe he had done anything wrong and during the trial had stated he had not changed the diet he fed to puppies in his care.

Mr Fitzgerald told the court the evidence provided by experts during the trial proved each of the four puppies had developed nutritional hyperparathyroidism while in Mr Teichert’s care.

Mr Fitzgerald told the court the charges did not require proof that this was an intentional act of cruelty.

The prosecution stated that Mr Teichert had shown no remorse for his actions, maintaining that anything wrong with the puppies relating to their care happened after they were sold.

When asked by Mr Fitzgerald if he was remorseful, Mr Teichert stated that remorse meant being apologetic and regretful for doing something wrong.

He said he did not know what he had done wrong.

The prosecution is requesting that Mr Teichert pays more than $80,000 to cover costs.

It is also seeking that Mr Teichert is banned from owning dogs under 18 months old for 10 years and that his breeding business licence be revoked.

Mr Fitzgerald deferred passing sentence until a later date.