Letter to the editor: In defence of the city view

By Geoff Adams

Peter Neilson, Heathcote

In response to Sue Braybon’s letter in last week's Country News, the article she was justifiably concerned about was written by Aaron Patrick and published in the Australian Financial Review, (owned by Channel Nine) on February 17.

In my opinion the article was nothing more than puerile journalistic click bait, that is a continuum of an ‘us and them’ mentality that serves to divide the country from the city.

Sadly this is also the rhetoric of politicians, governments and corporations who want your vote and to profit from your labour.

It has been my experience that city dwellers despair for the plight of their country cousins who try to make a living from the land against all odds.

They are aghast at the toll the drought, fires and floods have, and continue to have, on fellow hardworking Australians, and donated millions to help them out.

They marched in the streets protesting the damage to the environment, are appalled at the ongoing ineptitude that is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, the Menindee Lakes disaster, the decline of the dairy and other industries that are overpowered by an un-level playing field, and the embarrassment of the lack of telephone coverage outside of the city limits.

So please Ms Braybon, don’t tar us all with the same brush as a journalist in his high rise office in Sydney, and remember that many city dwellers were born and raised in the country but had to go to the big smoke for many varied reasons.