Farmer wants a crew member

By Geoff Adams

What do you do when the Farmer Wants a Wife, but the wife wants a television production crew member?

Well, stay tuned because we’re about to find out, after Karlana decided she might prefer to spend some time with one of the television team, while she is supposed to be dating a farmer from the Channel 7 series.

It just tumbled out, from the lips of one of her competitors, and ‘Hairy Harry’, was not too impressed.

I mean, it’s okay for him to be playing the field of three, but he’s not too keen on seeing one of his fillies looking over the fence.

Actually the writing was on the wall earlier in the show, as Karlana suddenly discovered the cute little lambs were being rounded up for sale and would probably end up at the abattoirs.

“I was looking at their little faces and my heart was melting,’’ Karlana told Harry after she walked away from the muster yards.

So Karlana is off, and it looks like Karissa might not be far behind.

Neil’s girls were getting a bit impatient with “fence sitter” Neil.

Actually the fence is more barbed wire, because Neil is getting decidedly uncomfortable; while he muses over which one he prefers the girls have ganged up and are saying all sorts of cheeky things about him.

While the band was playing for the country music ball, the claws were getting sharpened, and Karissa took Neil aside to make it clear she wasn’t going to take any more of Neil following Justine around “like a puppy dog”.

“I am so done, Neil . . . It’s pathetic!”

Now that’s more like Bachelor Island, or whatever.

It should pull in a few thousand more in the ratings.

Neil had distinguished himself earlier in the show by breaking a few social conventions by introducing his three prospects to his ex-wife. And just to toss in a few more inappropriate moves, he took them to see her while she was working.

Must have been a bit of a let-down for the producers, as there were no fireworks and the girls seemed just as confused as Neil was.

Latest date arrangements: Alex with Sarah, Nick with Naomi, Sam with Riley, Harry with Ashleigh and Neil with Justine (take that, Karissa).