Sam pulls out of the Farmer race

By Geoff Adams

There was shock and awe as farmer Sam pulled out of the competition and cast adrift his three ladies on Farmer Wants a Wife.

Both Sam and ‘barbed wire fence’ Neil have struggled to decide on a partner, and last night it all came home to roost for Sam.

With two of his girls saying they didn’t have feelings for him, and Sam admitting he didn’t much like the other, the writing was on the wall — and the end came when Sam got news that his grandfather had died suddenly.

So he pulled out of the show.

Sophie capped it off for him when she told him she wasn’t interested, while Sam responded that she had smashed his heart to pieces in a ‘private’ chat witnessed by about, oh ... 900,000 people.

Nick’s team has been ramping up the pressure on him, leading him to announce: “I feel confident ... that I am going to get into trouble.’’ He’s been scraping the bottom of the barrel for some useful phrases, such as this gem: “You make me want to be a better man.”

Alex has exhibited a healthy fear (or is that adrenaline pumping?), acknowledging that Henrietta frightened him sometimes. Their after-dinner chat turned into a challenge to pick someone, anyone. She got her wish when Alex chose Jess (remember the two with the fairytale dinner at the start of the show?) for their one-on-one date.

The show has now moved into a more critical phase now as it's coming down to the wire, with probably fewer long shots with the farm animals in the paddocks and more focus on the cat-fighting around the dinner table.

In the final round of the one-on-one dates, Nick chose Liz (maybe the wedding planner can start sending out the invitations), Harry chose Stacey (he had only two choices) and Neil chose Megan, as Justine predicted.

Sunday night finished with an unresolved question: what will happen to Sam’s contenders? Perhaps the unclaimed ones should have been re-allocated to the remaining blokes, just to mix things up a bit.

No; on second thoughts, it would just about finish off Neil, who is already spoiled for choice.