Simmering indecision breaks out in Farmer Wants a Wife

By Geoff Adams

(By Jacko, son of Col Curmudgeon)

Simmering frustration spills over, like water from an artesian bore, as another woman decides she can’t wait for the indecisive farmers to choose a wife.

With the next series beginning to look like it will be renamed Farmer Thinks He Wants a Wife But Can’t Decide, Megan decided to pull out and it looks like several others are just marking time.

Viewers will recall that several other women have decided they can’t wait (and it’s not just the clock ticking in the background) and one farmer also ran out of options and had to withdraw.

Monday night saw the final one-on-one dates for the remaining four blokes in Channel 7's Farmer Wants a Wife series, with a big question mark hanging over the remaining few: will anyone else jump before they are pushed?

Another big question that viewers must be asking in this reality show, is where are the mobile phones?

I saw a glimpse of one in Hairy Harry’s hand last night, but it must have been a mistake. It’s a real mystery. Get a group of women together, dressed up, talking about relationships, and going out for dinner and there will be more flashes than a summer storm in the Riverina. Maybe the reception is not too flash at Goolgowi or Crookwell. Surely they must be itching to update their "Instachat" or "textbook" pages?

And talking about Harry — he pulled out the big guns and ordered a helicopter for his special date with Madison. And not one of those dirty things they use for mustering cattle; this was a shiny Robinson R44, which looks like it had come from Mascot Airport the same day.

Admittedly the final location seemed a bit of let-down, but hey, it’s pretty hard to find a place with stunning views in the outback.

Alex would have to come a close second with a day spa appointment in a canvas tent (of course) and genuine terry towelling bath robes, so he and Jess could get lovey-dovey.

Crikey, you would have needed a paint scraper to separate them.

Nick settled for a picnic at Cataract Gorge in Launceston and Neil made dinner at home.

Neil, who has a habit of extending introductions to his wider family, decided to introduce his three ladies to his three children.

``Here you go, kids, here are the three women I’m dating. One might be your step-mother ...”

Yep, that should clear up any confusion ...

Sunday night is being advertised as the ``final” ... show, that is. We’ve yet to read in the glossy women's magazines (are there any left?) what really happened after the cameras were turned off.