Farmers make their choices

By Geoff Adams

Nick, Neil and Harry have made their choices, but in a neat twist, Alex had his choice taken out of his hands.

But did Alex really end up with the last woman standing - Jess?

Last night’s penultimate Farmer Wants a Wife show gave us the final draft choices, with the heifers finally separated for the bull paddock.

Nick dodged a relationship with the strategising Naomi and opted for Liz the wedding celebrant, who may finally get her own wedding, Neil finally made up his mind and opted for Justine and Harry overcame his fear of horses to team up with Stacey.

Alex’s needy friend Henrietta decided to jump before she was pushed and told him she wasn’t the one for him, but the directors, desperate for some extra mileage, left the big question open at the end- will he opt for Jess who gave him the fairytale start to the series?

The pathway to this point was a tortured one, with the blokes variously pontificating and apologising for having such a hard decision to make.

The four blokes got to meet their friends’ significant others in this episode, and it was nice to see they weren’t overwhelmed by the occasion and decided not to over-dress; Neil in t-shirt and jeans and Harry in classic check shirt and thongs.

Alex thought he would go all-out and wore a nice shirt, hat and actual shoes for his trip to the sophisticated urban centre of Geelong.

Made a nice contrast to the women dressed in evening gowns in the middle of the day.

Naomi introduced Nick to her friends (not her family) who didn’t seem too impressed, particularly over the ‘he said, she said’ story over who wanted a kiss without a date or was that, she wouldn’t kiss without a date. Something like that.

Neil met Justine’s two children and her dad, while Harry met Stacey’s best friend.

For a novel twist, Nick had to talk to Liz’s three male friends over a beer.

That rough-shaved face must have worked a treat with that crowd.

The show set up a clever delivery of Nick’s speech to Liz.

Nick told her she was like a friend and he wanted more than friendship. What!

He's going to reject her? No, cross to Nick breaking the news to Naomi, who responded with a few recriminations, leaving Nick with Liz.

Sunday night’s episode ended with a question mark over Alex’s pick and there is also mounting speculation over Sam’s possible re-appearance after he left the show prematurely.

We’ll see where they end up in Monday’s night’s final on Channel 7.


“Are you really here for the right reasons?”

“I didn’t expect to be so conflicted on my feelings.”

“I hate horses”.

“To be completely honest I am a bit confused at the moment.”

“I don’t think you are the right person for me.”